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Zorro Yeah Baby Trivia - Presented by Austin Powers Showbiz Bonanza Game Show
Wonderland - Tea Party Film Crew On Location
  Way Out Hollywood Trivia   - You could be the winner
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Randy Cowpoke

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The Mad MC Austin Powers MC The Royal Prince Lord White
The Penguin General Train Conductor The Revolution
Austin Powers
Corporate Ninja Act
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The Sound of Music - Opening Act 
An interactive audience participation fun comical show
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Paris Hilton

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Automated Cleaner
The Cabin Crew
The Cover Girls
The Viggles

The Cover Girls
A flash back to the early 70s with the Cover Girls
lost in the world of a fashion shoot.
They vogue, they will ask you to take their photograph,
be a model extra, or just watch them Sing and dance.  Bright , bold and bewitching 
the Cover Girls transport you into the world of glamour

You Got Game
Chance it Airlines
Shoe Shiners
Bollywood Girls Arabian Girls Swami Magician Snake Handler

Cheeky Devils

Venetian Art Deco Egyptian Queens
Magic Hobo Masked Magician Magic Mad Chef Magic Flight
Magic Pilot Magical Chef French Magician Mad Hatter 2
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Fish Lost Fishermen

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The Joker

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Corporate Christmas

Corporate Christmas Characters - Melbourne

Corporate Christmas

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Busy Bee Helper


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