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Due to many Emails received each day  - Delays may occur in our reply with email enquiries

For a quick reply - Phone 1300 666 286  or  0422 434 014

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The Date you want entertainment will vary the price plus identify who and what is available

The Location and access of venue can also vary the price

We have entertainment throughout all of Australia + Overseas in most major cities etc

Note: You pay entertainment from the time you want them to commence performing to the time you want them to finish for the day.
This includes any and all breaks that may occur during the performance.  Performers etc arrive approx 1 hr prior to organize set up of equipment etc, you do not pay for this set up time.
But if you require performers to arrive extra early (2, 3 or 4 hours prior etc) and set up extra early and they are waiting around 2, 3hrs prior.
They will charge you a additional fee for this time as they are committed longer and have to wait around for a longer period of time before commencing the performance.

Save time checking on acts that are beyond what you wish to spend.
By advising the maximum you wish to spend. We can then advise the best acts to suit your budget

Due to many Emails received each day - Delays may occur in our reply

For a quick reply call - Phone 1300 666 286  or  0422 434 014


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