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70s 80s 90s Past Decades - Retro Show Bands and Acts 
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Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
That 80s Band Electric 80s 80s Rad
Melbourne Melbourne Brisbane
The 9Tease Show Stuck in The 80s Show 80s Vs 90s Show
Melbourne Adelaide Melbourne
Stand & Deliver Chunky Custard Glam Tastix
Brisbane   Brisbane
We Want More 70s   70s Boogielicious
70s Disco - 80s Retro - Dancers - Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane - Australia
Melbourne Melbourne Brisbane
80s On the Edge Big City Beat Paris Texas 80s Tour
Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Smells Like the 90s The 80s Show Red Hot Duo - 80s Party

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Melbourne Australia Melbourne
Rewind - 80s Show 80s Retro - Dancers Big City Beat - 70s 80s 90s
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Roller Girls    
Ideal for disco 70's & 80's events - You can have them skating on the dance floor as music plays and guests arrive. 
They can skate on carpet and can assist with seating and general meet and greet.  With a flamboyant and sassy nature, with light interactive comedy.
Sydney Sydney Sydney
Dreamgirls The Ultimate Divas Countdown The 80s
Sydney Sydney Sydney
The Event Guitars Gently Weeps 90s Boom
Sydney Sydney Melbourne
Women of Rock Wild Child Absolutely 80s
Brisbane Sydney Brisbane
Made in the 80s Endless 80s 80s All Stars


Melbourne Sydney Sydney
Forever 80s Confetti Retrospective
Sydney Brisbane Brisbane
Love Generation - 70s Show Vegas Legends Blues Brother Tribute
Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
The Mustangs 80s & 90s RNB Dance Party Roller Coasters
Sydney Brisbane Melbourne
Five of a Kind Divas of Rock 80s Band - Eightease
Melbourne Brisbane Brisbane
80s Soundproofed 80s Glam Rock Show 60s 70s 80s & Fleetwood Mac

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70s & 80s Solo Entertainer