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Medieval Entertainment - Past Ages - Middle Ages
Musical Prima - Medieval Musicians  and Dancers
Fanfare Trumpets
Thrones Chair 01
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Knights on Horseback - Jousting
Medieval Horse Archery
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In The King’s Court
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to spend some time as an elegant lady
or brave knight in a medieval king’s court?
Would you be able to sing the songs the king likes?
Dance the dances he likes to dance?
Play the games he likes to play and even be the hero (or heroine) in his favourite play
of “Saint George & The Dragon”?
Now it is possible to let your dreams and imagination come true when the king’s trusted friend, 
Sir Blair of Bristol 
pays your event a visit.
A fully interactive and hands-on 30 minute show which both educates and entertains audiences.


Crystal Monk - Juggler Crystal Monk - Juggler    

Dangerous Liaisons - Comical

Earl of Lavender - Comical Character Prince Charming Count Backwards - Comical
The 3 Comical Jesters The Whiz - Magician Crumble Jaw  - Magician CJ Jester - Magician
Court Jester Juggler Jester Illuminated Jester Illuminated Jester
Hagrid Character Friar Tuck - Executioner - Robin Rood - Witch     - Roving Characters Gandalf Character
Tall Jester - Stilts Contortionist Medusa Snake Dancer

Town Crier

Town Crier

Heralding Trumpets
Fanfare Trumpets

Scarlet Pimpernel (Syd) Zanni Fops (Syd)

Roman Soldiers

Living History Performers


Queen & Jester Marie Antoinette

Southern Bell

Tall Lady - Merlin
Court Juggler
Costume Hire - Ladies & Gents