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Christmas & Pantomime Stage  Shows - Brisbane


The Toy Maker or Fairy Doll Christmas Panto
It’s the Old Toymakers workshop on the night-before the night-before Christmas. The old Toymaker is under pressure....will he finish in time?
This delightfully witty story follows the traditional build-up to that most magic of days....Christmas, A hilarious portrayal of the troubles and toils in the workshop. Narrated by a musical Jack-in-the-box, it shows how the Magical Fairy Doll  waves her wand to enlist the help of the Toy Soldier and others to help save the Old Man. With live song, dance, acro and slapstick comedy, audiences of all ages will be enthralled to see if they all make it in time.

 30 mins show. 4 - 5 characters

Christmas in Wonderland
Alice convinces the March Hare, Dormouse and Mad Hatter to have Christmas in Wonderland and trick the Queen of Hearts into enjoying the festivities.
Christmas has never been celebrated in wonderland but by having a "So you think you can sing a carol" competition
The Queen of Hearts thinks she is entering a singing competition and before long is getting into the spirit of things.
30 mins. 4 - 5 characters
Christmas at Bunyip Creek
Sally Goodysocks returns to “Bunyip Creek” to visit all her bush friends for Christmas.
Rodney Roo, Katie Koala, tumbling Bush Fairies, dancing birds & frogs,
an ALL AUSTRALIAN CHRISTMAS SONGS with not a hint of snow in sight! Lots of fun & comedy! 
30 mins. 5 characters