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Scott Williams - The Doctor
Comedian - MC

Price on application


With over 30 years experience in entertaining people, Scott's ability to create an almost instant rapport with his audience is legendary.
As he takes them on a journey of discovery into the funny side of life, Scott makes the art of comedy appear effortlessly easy and a treat to watch!

"Scott is an absolutely fantastic entertainer and is worth his weight in gold".  Choice Home Loans

 "I received lots of feedback regarding Scott Williams from the delegates attending our National Conference. All the feedback was very positive. Some comments were as follows:

* "Hilarious, I had to stop myself laughing because I was missing the following gag"
* "I couldn't stop my eyes watering from laughing so much."
* "A great comedian whose performance had something that appealed to everyone"

On a personal note, Scott was fantastic to deal with. No nonsense, no problems. This conference was a big ask. I have organised conferences before for about 50 people but 276 delegates turned out to be very challenging. Scott's performance was one thing I did not have to worry about. The staff had alerted me that Scott had arrived. I went to the Pavilion to check on final arrangements for our dinner and drop off some awards and I could see that Scott had been there and was all set up ready to go. When I arrived at the function, he walked up and introduced himself said everything was in place, I placed him on a table with some of our Management team and by the time he was actually on stage you would have thought he had been in the Waste Management business all his life!   
Collex Waste Management

Congratulations Scott! To say that we were impressed with the impact you made on our clients is an understatement. You blew them away!   
RSM Bird Cameron