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Fiesta Tropical   Latin, Caribbean, Brazilian, Party Band   - Add Dancers as required
Mexican Mariachi   Mexican - Mariachi - Party Band   - Add Dancers as required

A very popular two to six piece Latin/Calypso/Mexican band, with dance show from Brisbane Australia.

"VIDA LOCA!" Fresh, colourful, versatile, innovative, internationally famed tropical party show band Fiesta Tropicale, will add mambo & colour to your occasion. Authentic, yet popular, young & live, with unique style and personality; Fiesta Tropicale, Latin tropical party band, overflows the Caribbean carnival with a beat you can't resist. Be caught by surprise as they rove through a doorway into your pool side or cocktail party. Music with 'savour' and passion to set your party mood. You will conga line into the ballroom to dine to the 'romantico' sounds of the Bossa Nova and Cha-cha-cha.

It's dancing time when the trumpet, congas and bongos, maracas, keys and strings bridge all generation gaps. Dance the forbidden Lambada dance, Limbo competions, Mambo, Salsa, Merengue, Samba. Our dancer will instruct you in the Limbo, Macarena and Lambada steps. Enjoy your Latin favourites, La Bamba, Guantanamera. Sing along to those Belefonte Calypsos: Coconuts, Banana and Jamaican songs and recent Gypsy Kings, Santana & Ricky Martin hits and the latest songs like Hot Hot Hot and Macarena, Mambo No5, World Cup & Buena Vista Social Club songs.


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