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The Amazing Nigel   Price on application  For more info - click here
is a multi-talented entertainer who enjoys enthralling audiences with his close-up magic and comedy.

Nigelís stage show contains a unique combination of interactive magic and comedy thatís sure to leave the audience not only intrigued but also entertained.
During his show the audience may also be lucky enough to witness Nigelís amazing ability to recall the names of more than 375 people after only a brief introduction.
Heís currently one of only a handful of people in Australia to demonstrate this ability.

The demand for Nigel to share his knowledge of Memory Retention became so great that in 1996 he developed a Corporate Memory Retention Course.
Nigel teaches the theoretical and practical methods heís studied and refined for improving memory and in particular remembering names.

Nigel guarantees you won't forget him in a hurry.

Nigel the Keynote Speaker
Nigel's memory techniques can also be summarized to form a keynote speech as part of your company seminar. Nigel's light hearted and interesting manner definitely won't leave your guests nodding off,
but rather leave them motivated and eager to try out his suggestions for remembering the names of their friends, colleagues and associates.

Corporate Memory Course
If you've seen Nigel perform his show, then youíve probably been amazed by his ability to recall names of up to 375 people after only a brief introduction.
But you can rest assured itís no 'trick' and there are no hidden microphones.

Nigel's Memory Retention Course teaches people in a theoretical and practical way, the methods heís studied and refined for improving memory and in particular remembering people's names.
Anyone from Sales People, Managers to Students can benefit from this course, by not only gaining skills that can improve your business but that will enrich your everyday life.

Nigel's Stage Show
Nigel's stage show is a wonderful mixture of stand up comedy and magic. The show is interactive and can be adapted to suit a wide range of functions and is a great way to lighten things up.
Nigel has a fantastic ability to read the audience and aim the comedy and magic accordingly.
During the stage show you may also witness Nigel's amazing ability to recall the names of your guests, after only a brief introduction.

Nigel the MC with a Difference
Looking to liven up your function ? Want a totally DIFFERENT & FUN MC ? With Nigel's comedy and magic background, he will keep things rolling in a fun and entertaining style to ensure lots of laughter.

More Nigel
Both Today Tonight and the Midday show have been amazed and astonished with Nigel's incredible abilities.

Nigel will make you a hero and your function an unforgettable event !

Nigel the guy who remembers the names ... and so much more!!!