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Zoe L'amore - Cirque Extreme - Selection of Performances

Grinder Girls
After a cute burlesque style feather fan into - Behold the ballet of sparks as the angle grinding duet perform as acrobatic choreography, grinding metal plates strapped to their bodies.
Strictly for the hardcore.

Sword Ladder
A deadly ladder is presented - In place of steps are 100% real curved sword blades!
Dramatically the girl ascends the ladder barefoot!
At the top she balances in a contortion pose.
Finally the girl lies across two swords, she is lifted into the air spinning.

Techno Web
A dynamic aerial act to excite all!
The spin begins slowly, accelerating as the aerialist weaves through a choreography of flexibility,
suspended by a single hand and the one foot.  She is a blur backed by techno music and mirrors.
The effect is a human disco ball!

Aerial Heart
A unique aerial performance is a feathery heart!
A sleek routine of aerial acrobacy with feather fans and pin up girl poses, climaxing in a dynamic foot spin finale!  Cheeky culture!  Also great as an aerial installation.

Sky Candy
A doubles trapeze act, performed at dazzling heights with a stunt cane!
Gorgeous showgirls present a skilful display of breathtaking trust in the air.
Vintage burlesque.  Great late night sassy!

Fire & Hula
Hot, Flaming Hula Girl start with some delicious fire eating and flair body burns then rocks the
crowd with her handling of the dangerous ring of fire.  A mesmerising favourite!



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