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Wayne - Caricaturist - Brisbane - S.E. QLD



Party Events


Minimal Requirements

For best results a small Table a few chairs in well-lit area out of the elements thank you,
but may also perform Roving or a Combination.

For simplicity here are the most important:

Good performance are guaranteed if reasonable steps are made to accommodate the cartoonist with

* a good work area which usually only requires a maximum of 2 m2 for individual Caricatures
or 3m2 for Group Poster Size Caricatures.

* Away from the elements, extremely loud audio equipment & adequate lighting. 

*Away from potential interference / interruptions, such as human traffic, e.g. waiters etc.

* Co-operative subjects

* General Announcements

It is the Clients responsibility to ensure that there are subjects willing to sit at all times to be drawn,
usually by making announcements, or inviting guests to be drawn.

Optimum performance of average 10 caricatures ph based on head & shoulders/ black & white
may be achieved if conditions are adhered to.

If some of the above recommendations are in doubt
the Client may advise the Performer so that preparations can be made to mitigate any problems.
 Some may involve a surcharge.




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