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The Travelling Flea Circus - Scritch & Scratch - Brisbane
A circus in the minature.. A tiny curiosity.. you wont believe your eyes. Tutti Frutti is bringing the incredible the lost art of the Flea Circus back to the people!
The Ringmistress Countessa and her Flea Whispering Assistant Juanita present the stars of the show, our tiny friends the Fleas.
This teeny tiny circus has it all!
Marvel at the highwire skill, Gasp at the flying trapeze...Thrill to the high dive!
Meet the Strongest Flea in the World!.
P.S No fleas are harmed in the training and performing of this show

“Scritch Scratch” , is an intimate show with lots of audience participation and flexible depending on the requirements of the situation.
The flea circus is handmade and is a gorgeous curiosity in itself.
Few people have seen a flea circus live and its a beautiful magical show that fires up imaginations of the young and the young at heart!

We can perform it static where we set up in a space and the audience comes to us
or it can be performed as a roving show where we gather a audience, do a 15 minute
spot move to another location and perform another 15 minute spot.