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  Alan Casey Entertainment Agency - Australia
Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast - Toowoomba - Ipswich - North Coast
New South Wales - Queensland - Victoria - South Australia
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Magical & Mystical Themes & Parties

Mad Hatter Magic Whiz

Attitude Fairies


Toy Soldiers


Zany Jesters (Syd)

Fairytale Madness

Pixie Medicine Man (Syd) Court Jester Bo Peep Live Statue



  Reggie Recycle (Syd) Patty Paper (Syd) Chaos Ensemble (Syd)

Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatter

Crazy Fairies

Fantasy Fanfare


Angel - Stilt Balloon Guys Mimic - Mime Toy Maker Mr Dolly

Fortune Teller

Salomie Belonie


Swami Dan Magic

Gypsy Magician


Forest Fairies

Stephanie Magical Fairy

Forest Geanie

Forest Friendz

Pink Fairy




Crystal Queen NS

Willy Wonka (Syd)

Fire Jester


Cupies (Mel) Christo Mico (Mel) Red Fairies (Mel) Newly Deads (Mel)

Sissy Doll


The Blockheads

Pink Fit (Syd) Pillars of Society (Syd) Zanni Fops (Syd)

Cloud People

Three Headed Jester (Syd) Gypsy Lady