Alan Casey Entertainment Agency - Australia
Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast - Toowoomba - Ipswich - North Coast
New South Wales - Queensland - Victoria - South Australia
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Stilt Walkers -  Fantasy - Wonderland -  Sci-Fi
From $600 - $850 +GST   per performer 2 - 3 hour call   Fees vary performers, location, date, time required + other variables.
Bubble Trouble Rocket Girls Moon Walkers Star Gazers
Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Arabian Knights Arabian Fantasy Alice Alice & Mad Hatter
Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney
SciFi  - Star Man SciFi  - Girl SciFi  - Space Cowboy Fluffy Monsters
Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Hercules Super Hero Hagrid & Harry Uncle Sam
Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne
Wizard Wonderland Mad Hatter Super Heroes
Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane Sydney
Astronauts Mekenoids 2100 Fashion Magna Robots
Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney
Lolly Allsorts Camel Caravan Fifi Guards
Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney
Captain Australia The Aussie Mite Royal Guard  
Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne  
Aliens Pirates Classical Fairy
Brisbane Sydney Sydney Brisbane
Gangster - Gatsby Wacky Racers Bell Pearly King
Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne
Giant Bunny Rabbit & Mad Hatter Giant Bunnies Easter Bunnies
Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne
Lions Unicorns Camel Riders Jousting Knights
Perth Perth Perth Perth
Missy Silver Fire Lollipop Ladies Toy Soldiers
Perth Sydney Perth Sydney
Heritage Primadonna Jolly Jesters Lolly Pops
Perth Perth Perth Perth
Evil Queens Medieval Fantasyland Lady Gnome
Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Adelaide
Giant Puppets Masked - Jesters Jolly Jesters Jolly Jesters
Adelaide Melbourne Melbourne Perth
Gypsy Trix Giant Gnome Teddy Bears Pirates
Perth Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne
Puppet Master Cirque - Carnival Anne Droid
Melbourne     Melbourne
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