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Sensational Service  - Tray Service - Food & Drink  - Party Drinks - Show Girls
Sydney - Melbourne  2 Waiters & 1 Minder  - Fees 1hr call from $1500 + GST    2hr call from $1750 + GST  
- Parking at or close to the venue must be supplied for the performers and site manager.
- A private and secure change room must be supplied with ample lighting, mirrors and bottled water. Public restrooms will not be a suitable change room.
- A venue bartender, waiter or a staff member will need to work with our site manager and waiters to assist topping up their trays throughout the booking duration.
- The performers arrive approx 40mins prior to scheduled start time.
- Upon arrival, they will call the point of contact to be shown to the change room.
- The position or area for roving should be pointed out to the performers before start time.
- The client contact or venue contact is to introduce the waiters and site manager to the bartender, waiter that will be working with them, before start time.
- For drinks service, trays fit 12 glasses at a time.
- Glasses are to be filled before being placed on the trays.
- It is recommended that glasses are filled to only half way.
- For food, trays are to be filled with only 2-3 dishes at a time. All food must be served on pre-arranged/pre-discussed dishware.
- We advise the venue to hold off on serving champagne to guests until after this act has finished.
There would be less interaction with the Waitresses if all the guests have already been served their sparkling
- Trays can serve champagne, wine and food. If you would like food service, please let us know before the event date.
- Please note that this is an act and our servers cannot be relied upon to distribute food or drinks as fast or efficiently as an actual event waiter.