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ITBB Photo Booth Hire - Choose the Booth that best suits you

Hire a photo booth, old school style.

You’re guaranteed, without a doubt, a solid-walled, enclosed booth! Every booth in our network is identical to the images
you see on our website. No confusing options, colours or styles.
Just striking, classically styled booths that command attention in any venue.

We’re tried and true believers in the magic that’s created behind the curtain
An enclosed booth provides privacy for your more reserved guests. Imagine stealing a moment to yourselves as a newly married couple! The privacy of our booths will encourage even your shyest guests to go to town with creativity.

After all, what’s photo booth hire without the booth? 

In the Booth Guests

All-inclusive experiences.

We have gone to enormous lengths to ensure there are no weak links when you hire a photo booth from In the Booth.

The stunning physical appearance of our award-winning booths is only rivalled by the quality of images they produce.
Our photo booths seamlessly combine a dash of retro style with the latest imaging equipment and software.

Based on our background in the photographic and event industries, we designed our booths around our imaging requirements
and not the other way around. In other words, professional digital SLR cameras capture all image and video based experiences
– not web cams, low quality digital cameras or iPads.
We are proud to stake our reputation on our high quality images thanks to our diffused studio lighting.

Our enclosed booths create a controlled environment which ensures other lighting sources at your venue don’t affect
the quality of your instant prints. The booths also double as a mini sound stage so the audio for your video message can be captured in crisp, high definition. All your images and videos are then provided in our gorgeous USB folio

With In the Booth, what you see is what you get.
No unsightly technical equipment, lighting towers or separate print stations.
The booths are strong enough to withstand even the most ‘festive’ moments!
Our gorgeous booths conceal everything they need to operate in one sleek package. 

In the Booth Photobooth Party Setting

Not all photo booths are created equal.

Two heads don’t make a party, right? The booths can easily accommodate six to eight people in comfort (and often many more!)
The generous size of our booths allows us to capture the atmosphere and not just your guests’ faces.
After all, there are some details you just won’t want to miss.
The booths capture full-frame images which, as a result, captures more of the action!

Moreover, we don’t believe in using stock images or content.
Each and every image on our website are real photographs, from genuine photo booth hire events, taken by our unique booths.


Retro Photo Booth

Vintage on the outside, modern on the inside.

The first thing to remember about I is that our booths only appear as a vintage booth!
Rest assured they are very modern on the inside. Prior to designing our booths, we researched the most classically styled
vintage booths we could find. We wanted our booths to stand the test of time and look gorgeous for the long term.

We’re passionate about the history of photo booths and how they have been entertaining the public since the 1920’s.
Traditional photo booths used film coupled with chemical developing to create the ‘magic’ of instant photos.
Today we’ve replaced the chemicals with cutting edge digital technology,
(we guarantee you won’t find another one like it!).

Have photo booth, will travel.

The booths offer the uncompromising solution of an enclosed booth which can be setup in just about any venue.
For example, we have had our booths set up in
lounge rooms, basements, high rise apartments, boats, concert venues and on islands! Stairs,
lifts, and corridors are rarely a problem. If you can host a function there, we can get the booth there!

All we need is a level surface, access to standard power and shelter from the elements in undesirable weather.
To date, there has never been a venue PIAB couldn’t get into. With hire locations all over Australia,
Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Canberra - Adelaide - Perth- Broome - Darwin
 Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast - Toowoomba - Mackay - Whitsundays - Townsville - Tweed - Port Macquarie

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