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Matt Barker - Melbourne Roving Characters and Performers
Dodgey Security Bollywood Paparazzi The Godfather
China Boy Flying High Gendarmerie Marie Antoinette
French Mime Dandy Man Sone Statue Liberty Statue
Royal Gaurdsman Bobby & Queens Gaurd Queens Gaurd English Bobby
Scot & Bobby The Bobbies Back to the Future Characters
Singing Sellers Conductor Dead Waiter Giant Jockeys
Giant Jockeys Bent Bookies
Jockey on
Segway Hobby Horse
Giant Jockey Giant Jockeys Crikey's
 Marilyn + Groucho Santa & Santa Chair
Georgina Colombaras Singing Waiters French Maid
Uncle Festus Right Royal Rico Latin Lover Swaggie
Spies - Agents Mini Jester Ring Master Gangster & Dolly
Frank Spencer Queen & Knave Hearts Phantom Opera Lady
Absolutely Fabulous News Crew - Paparazzi
Crikeys Pirates
My Fair Lady Hippys Parliament Tall Pirates
Mr Spock Aviator Town Crier Mary Poppins
007 - Bond Lame Edna Audrey Hepburn Indiana
Madonna Chaplin - Marilyn Austin Powers Felicity Shagwell
Troy Orbison Amy Winehouse Dudley Doright Molly Humdrum
Hoopla Super Hero   Elvis
Fat Elvis Doc Gnome  
Tea Party Mad Hatter Alice in Woderland
Aussie Swimmer Lifesaver Aussie Beach Babe Male Lifesaver
Table Tennis Netballers Giant Runners Grand Prix
Tennis Pro Lady Tennis Player Tennis Soccer - Blind Umpire
Near Sighted Umpire Awful Umpire Footballers Footballers
Boxer Footballers
AFL Giants Footballer St Kilda AFL Footballer
Cycling Giants Athlete Cricketers Swimming
Lifesaver Lifeguards Hercules Scotsman
Gunslinger Senorita Outlaw Carnival
Concierge Uncle Sam Jester - Ringmaster Police Bobby
Tall Pilots Pilots & Mini Planes Carnival Stilts Tall Chef
Tall Security Giant Swaggies Builder Construction Worker

Santa & Christmas Characters
    MT Pocket Black Pirate