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Brisbane - QLD - Inflatable - Obstacle Courses
Rides and Amusements for Festivals, Fetes, Carnivals, Family Day Event, Community Events, School Fun Days, Fund Raising Events, Family Gatherings, Cultural Event, School Holiday Fun,, Annual Celebration, Christmas Parties, etc
The World Biggest - Obstacle Playgrounds  

Ultimate Obstacle Course     Size 30m L x 3m W x 5.5m H    Price on Application

Line 02 Brisbane



Commando Obstacle Course      Size 28m L x 3m W x 4m H   Price on Application

Line 04 Brisbane

Mighty Red Obstacle Course      Sizes 14 x 3 x 4    or    28 x 3 x 4

Line 06 Brisbane



Green & Gold Obstacle Courses   Size 15M  or 25M or  30M

Line 08 Brisbane



Firestorm   Size 30 x 3 x 4H      or  16 x 6 x 4H

Line 10 Brisbane



Ninja Challenge - Obstacle Course   Size 14 x 3 x 4H 
Double the Challenge - Obstacle Course        Price on Application     Size  28 x 3 x 4 M

Line 12 Brisbane



Challenge Obstacle Course        Price on Application     Size  24 x 3 x 4 M

Line 14 Brisbane



Army Obstacle Course    Size 14 x 3 x 4H         Double Size 29 x 3 x 4H

Line 16 Brisbane



Rampage Obstacle Course    Size 30m Long    Atomic Obstacle Course

Line 18 Brisbane



Vertical Rush Obstacle Course 30M Football Obstacle Course

Line 24 Brisbane

Commando Obstacle Course 40M x 3 x 5  Obstacle Course

Line 26 Brisbane

Olympic Obstacle Course Super Green Obstacle Course

Line 28 Brisbane

Black & Gold Obstacle Course 23M 18m Black & Gold Obstacle Course  18M

Line 32 Brisbane

Construction Obstacle Courses   Size 26m  Long  36M Long  45m Long    x 8 Wide x 7H

Line 34 Brisbane



Sports Challenge Obstacle Course Iron Man Course   Size 12 x 10 x 8H

Line 38 Brisbane

Combat Obstacle Extreme Obstacle Course

Line 40 Brisbane

The Castle Obstacle Course  9 Long x 3 x 3.5H Astro Obstacle    20 Long x 3.5 x 5H

Line 42 Brisbane

Wild West Obstacle Course Playhouse Combo

Line 44 Brisbane

Racing Run Obstacle Jump Castle Monster Combo Jump Castle

Line 46 Brisbane

Lost Arch Obstacle Jump Castle Lost Temple Obstacle Jump Castle

Line 48 Brisbane

Kids Gym Obstacle Jumping Castle Tropical Island Obstacle Jump Castle

Line 50 Brisbane

Shark  Obstacle Course Ocean 6 in 1

Line 52 Brisbane

Underwater Adventure Circus World

Line 54 Brisbane

King Kong Challenge Birthday Party Combo

Line 56 Brisbane

Jurassic Survivor   10 x 6m x 4.5 H Jurassic Adventure   11 x 9m x 5.5 H

Line 58 Brisbane

       6.5ft/2M    5M