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Santa Eric - Illusion - Magician - Balloon Bender- MC
Santa Eric


  Santa - Cleveland - 2020 Santa - Cleveland - 2020 Santa - Cleveland - 2020
Hi   - After not having a positive interaction with a Santa’s many years ago we started attending many shopping centres

However yesterday we were shopping and after seeing some really happy Santa visitors comments on Facebook mums groups thought we would get our pictures done.

Omg!! I had to write (and please pass this on to your Santa) he was AWESOME… friendly, caring, funny and sensitive.
He went above and beyond to make the experience great. Helped my child with severe anxiety disorder calm and settle her meltdown before it started and got her smiling again.

Gave my oldest child (19yrs) a giggle when he spoke to him.  Genuinely was interested and actually talked to the kids, laughed and smiled.
He was sincere and honest with me when choosing which photo packs to buy. Even when there was no one waiting him came down and interacted with us (and others)… so many Santa’s just sit and wave at passer byers..
doing the nearly robotic “hi yep what do you want for Xmas spiel”… yours clearly enjoys what his doing and is VERY good at it….He made our day.

He is an absolute asset to the centre and we look forward to visiting him for many, many years to come.
Im not sure how long you’ve had him but I’m annoyed we didn’t find him sooner.

To Santa have a safe and wonderful Festive Season, you are Fantastic 😀❤️

Thanks for giving me the chance to pass the feedback on.

Best wishes

Belinda Molloy

Santa - Everton Plaza

Santa - Everton Plaza

Santa - Everton Plaza

Santa - Everton Plaza

Santa - Everton Plaza

Santa - Everton Plaza
  Santa - Everton Plaza  
Santa - Breakfast Creek Hotel