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Cindy  Monique  Hollie- Circus Special Acts

L.E.D Hula Hoop Act - $950+gst (5 minutes)
Be intrigued by sensational spinning skills as our talented hoop artists’ move throughout crowds
or perform a magnificent solo stage act. With a wide range of costumes and music to suit any theme, keep your eyes peeled as the artists have the ability to twist and twirl over 30 hoops!

Contortionist Act- $850+gst (5 minutes)
Watch in amazement as our talented contortionists move and bend their bodies in such flexible
and poised positions. With various routines and costumes to suit any event you will be left speechless! Book now to see what most people believe is impossible


Juggling Act - $950+gst (approx. 4-5 minutes)
With over 20 years experience amongst our juggling performers they will astound you with
their skills and tricks. From balls, to clubs and even up to 6 rings,
our highly skilled performers will definitely impress.

Variety Specialty Act - $1150+gst (8 minutes)
This act will wow your crowd with a fun and talented mixture of skills.
From Juggling, plate spinning, hand balancing and a tower of chairs
it will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Rola Bola Act - $750+gst (8 Minutes)
This spectacular Act will have the audience on the edge of their seats as the skilled performer climbs and balances into various dangerous positions atop rollers and very small balance planks whilst juggling! This act requires no rigging and suits both indoor and outdoor events;
the performer and his assistant have costuming for all occasions.

Duo Acrobatics - $1050+gst (5-6 Minutes)
Strength, balance and agility are all evident while you witness this display of human movement.
These amazing acrobat’s show off their incredible talent, while the crowds watch in amazement. Available as a Male/Female or Female/Female combo.


Solo Aerial Acts - $1100+gst (5-6 Minutes)
Be mesmerized by the strength and flexibility this stunning performance provides.
Performing graceful yet highly skilful tricks whilst being suspended over 7 metres in the air.
and can accommodate to any venue. Apparatus includes;
Aerial Lyra/Hoop, Aerial Net, Aerial Silks, Trapeze.

Duo Aerial Lyra/Hoop - $1550+gst (5-6 Minutes)
Be mesmerized by the strength and flexibility by not just one, but two amazing aerialists.
Performing elegant poses and highly skilful tricks together on just one apparatus,
this act will definitely stun your guests.


1.    Synchronised Aerial Acts - $1800+gst (6 Minutes)
Our aerialists have a wealth of expertise with their breathtaking, mesmerising style, strength and creativity in the air and on the ground. As they climb and entwine their bodies and even drop synchronised your guests will be left speechless.
This act is available with either The Aerial Silks or The Aerial Lyra/Hoop.

*Please note that prices are subject to change due to
call times and rehearsal schedule on event date.
* We can also do a package deal when multiple acts are booked
(subject to availability)