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CJ the Impossible  - Price on application



combines mystifying magical skill and natural comic ability to create a character best described as




Aside from “accidentally” setting himself on fire and his riotous mess ups, this hilarious

Character, “C J the IMPOSSIBLE”, has enthralled and captivated audiences

of all ages for over 20 years, both in Australia and overseas, performing Incredible Illusions

and making Fire, Animals, Silks, Money  and other objects appear and disappear at will,

not only from his own skilled hands but often from those of volunteers or Key People.


C J is a “Master of Quick Wit” and moves audiences through various emotions

often culminating in cheers of approval when, for example, he hurls a 10k bowling ball

or bucket of water at the audience causing fear to give way to uproarious laughter

as the items miraculously become a harmless balloon or confetti !


“He tried to be serious once but everyone LAUGHED” !


C J never takes himself too seriously, but, as any one of his many Characters,

he prides himself in providing wholesome entertainment for the most discerning audience.

His Stage Shows, Roaming and Close Up Magic can be adapted to suit any occasion.

Perhaps a routine involving a new item for a Corporate Product Launch, for example,

or a Formal Dinner where C J will Meet & Greet, maybe as a different Character, or Entertain with

Close-Up Magic during Cocktails, then a Floor Show after Dinner when he will involve key people,

 or volunteers, from the audience who may be threatened with decapitation by the “Guillotine”,

having their money incinerated, or simply help produce a cute live animal or other harmless surprise.


A performance by C J the IMPOSSIBLE at any function is guaranteed to break the ice

and create a memorable experience for everyone present because he’s never crude and


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