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Marquees - Tents - Big Tops - Pop Ups
Price on Application - Subject to date - Location - Time required
Marquee Hire - all sizes - with or without walls or lining etc
Nomadic Tents  Weddings - Events - Festivals     Price on application
Priced from $15 per sqm
(inc. Installation and GST)

Add Delivery Cost


·         27sqm (4.5m x 6m)

·         40.5sqm (6m x 6.75)

·         70sqm (7m x 10m)

·         100sqm (10m x 10m)

·         150sqm (10m x 15m)

·         150sqm (10m x 15m)

·         200sqm (10m x 20m)


·         10.5sqm (3m x 3.5m)

·         33sqm (5.5m x 6m)

·         60sqm (6m x 10m)

·         100sqm (10m x 10m)

·         150sqm (10m x 15m)

·         300sqm (15m x 20m)

·         450sqm (15m x 30m)


·         200sqm (10m x 20m)

·         300sqm (15m x 20m)


·         36sqm (4m x 9m)

·         150sqm (10m x 15m)

·         200sqm (10m x 20m)

·         300sqm (15m x 20m)


·         40.5sqm (4.5m x 9m)

·         50.63sqm (6.75m x 7.5m)

·         300sqm (15m x 20m)


Circus Big Top Tents
Green and Gold   20 metre diameter 312 sqm   From  $10,000 +GST
Red 20m diameter 312 sqm.
From $8500 +GST  
This tent is a 1 pole tent 
Has no rigging truss built in.
(shown in picture without its red walls)
Red and yellow 27m diameter 572 sqm
1 Pole From $12,000 +GST Truss built in.
4 Pole From $15,000 +GST Truss built in.
Block Weights are extra cost - up to $10,000
Mobile Air Condition Units


Circus Pop Ups Venues - with or without performers - you can just hire the venue only

Stunning pop-up venues & circus tents with fantastic programmed artists are available for events around Australia; up to five different venues to choose from.

These pop-up theatre venues can be programmed with a handful of deluxe circus, comedy, music and theatre shows to make a mobile festival feast!
Alternatively, you can just hire the venue and program it yourself, or we can do a mixture of the two. 

Please let us know when and where your event is and we can follow up with our suggested program.

Seating 50 to 200 people and including seating, sound, lighting, and complete installation,
the venues have been highly successful at major events around Australia for the last four years.

The venues are based in Adelaide but don’t let this stop you –
they are booked all over the country and pack down and transportation along with a team for onsite setup are readily available.

The venues come with their own engineer’s report, a professional risk assessment, $20 million public liability insurance, |
and they meet all the Australian Health and Safety guidelines.

Price based on - Location - Date - Time required etc



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