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Heelers Comedy Country Show Team

The Show consists of:

 “Jack” the black Stallion; he does a verity of horsemanship and tricks,

He does a trick that is very rare and hard for horses to do.

 “1/2 Acre” the misbehaving Shetland pony.

 “Lucy” the prettiest little border collie, she loves to take a stroll through side show ally and talk to the kids, she also loves to lead the Grand Entry.

 “Monty” one of the biggest but gentlest bullock you would want to be around.

 “Sammy” is also a new addition to the crew, he is a cute little(I mean real little) pony that had a jockey and they entertain people in side show ally

 And our latest addition “I’m A Cool Dude”, a cute little fury two legged pony

 All these animals perform a verity of tricks in their different acts

And our performances change in some way each time so the crowd doesn’t get bored or know what is coming next.

 We are adding new animals and tricks all the time.