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Bucking Bull Hire    Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Perth - Australia

Need the following to Hire a Bucking Bull

Minimum 30 days Notice

Unable to do Bull Hires on Short Notice

Bulls Hire range in price from $1500 + GST - Subject to Date - Time - Location

Do not have Bulls for Less

We need all of the following details to find an Operator Available

Exact Location of your Event  - Name of Venue - Street Address

Outdoors - Level Ground - Minimum 6 x 6 Metres

Indoors require 3.5 Metre Height Minimum

Need your Name - Mobile Phone Number - Email Address

Can not action a Hire unless we have your Mobile Phone Number

Advise details - Private Party - Public Event - Corporate Event - Who and What For

Time Start - Time Finish - of your Event

How many attending - Ages of the Audience

Will Alcohol be served at the Event

We need ALL of the above information

Due to Covid and Insurance Hikes - Many Bull Operators have Closed Down

If you have talked to any other Bull operators - We need to know who

This way we don't waist time contacting operators you have already spoken with

Email your request for a Bull Hire to

If you have any questions - Call 1300 666 286  or 0422 434 014


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